I Would Like To...Do This Too

This was mentioned in last week's "I Would Like To..." post. I would like to have homes and/or cabins for guests to come refresh themselves in. I would like this land God has placed us on to be a place of peace, a place where people can experience resting in the Lord for real, in its purest form.

I would also like to have our home completed according to the vision God has placed inside of me. The vision I see in my heart is beyond comprehension. It is even more perfectly me than I could have imagined for myself. It must be from God Himself.

 I would like to open my heart along with my home to be a vessel of God, of Love (1 John 4:7,8). I would like to be so complete and full of the joy of the Lord that there would be no thought of the work such visions require, only of the delight serving and caring for others in the name of the Lord brings. This I would like to do...this too.

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