Thrifty Tips and Other Randomness

What a week! Miss Mustard Seed arrived home from a mission trip to Peru just barely into Wednesday morning. The eleven days she was gone from home literally flew by with lightning speed. They haven't slowed down yet! It's summer, and we haven't gotten the opportunity to slow down and savor very many moments. That's ok. We're enjoying rare still spells whenever they happen.

For several weeks I have had the idea of sharing a few cleaning thoughts and tidbits. Since summer can be the host to a lot of sand, water, mud, and bugs, I thought it would be the perfect time. I also thought that any product or tip that works well for a ranching family of nine automatically earns special recognition. Don't you?

An earlier post shared that a rural family's bestus best friend is a mudroom. There is also another friend that is one of my very closest, the half bath by the back door. This tiny room keeps a lot of dirt, grime, and yuck from entering the main living area of the home. I do realize that a bathroom isn't something that can be casually picked up at the store. Due to the amount of housecleaning it saves, it still deserves a mention.

Another way to keep the home cleaner would be to have an outside shower or one in the garage/shop area. Those families whose work can get down and dirty would love this. Trust me. It would be so amazing. Installing a small washer and dryer in the shop/garage area for greasy, oily work clothes would also be a huge plus.

To keep those bathrooms and other areas clean, I rely on Bar Keeper's Friend. This is a gentle, inexpensive scouring powder found in most stores. It comes in a variety of sizes for all sizes of families and messes. It cleans without damaging delicate surfaces. Another product that I rely on to get rid of the orangey rusty ring left on our sinks, toilets, etc. is a pumic stone. This too is an inexpensive cleaning product found in most every store alongside the other cleaning products. It is virtually the only cleaning item that has eliminated the nasty iron/mineral ring in my commode.

When budgetarily possible, I also use Swiffer brand products. They are the cat's meow for every dusting job in the house. Floors and furniture look so much better when dusted with these disposable dusters. Children like helping more if they can use them too.

Now if I can just figure out how to get rid of spiders...you'll hear my happy cries when that is taken care of. Gotta run! It's an afternoon of only the baby and I. He's sleeping. I'm off to scramble around as fast as I can getting as much housework done as is humanly possible before he wakes up. It's the mama marathon! Love you all! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to spend with me. It's a true honor, one I deeply appreciate. Blessed Mama

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