The Flag Still Flies

Can you see the flag at the right side of the picture? Just barely? Me too. I love it though. The American flag caught in the light of the exploding fireworks last night. Takes my thoughts to a song.
"O say can you see
by the dawn's early light
what so proudly we hailed
at the twilight's last gleaming
whose broad stripes and bright stars
 through the perilous fight
 o'er the ramparts we watched
 were so gallantly streaming
 and the rockets red glare
 the bombs bursting in air
 gave proof through the night
 that our flag was still there
 O say does that star spangled banner yet wave
 o'er the land of the free
 and the home of the brave."
There are more stanzas to the song, more words that speak loud and clear. The words we rarely hear sung are every bit as powerful and strong as those we cheer for at events throughout each year. Let's look them up. Together, let's each of us look up all the words to our nation's anthem. Once we find them, let's sing them. Sing them loud and strong for all to hear.
Better yet, let's sing them like we mean them, from our hearts, with our whole selves. Let's pledge our devotion anew to our country and the One who has guided and protected all along.
Happy Day After the Fourth of July!!! 
God Bless America
for it is the
Land That We Love

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